[936 1839] Polyneon 75 2500m Red 936-1839
[936 1840] Polyneon 75 2500m Grey 936-1840

Polyneon 40 5000m Grey 1840




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Polyneon 75

Polyneon 75 is the finest polyester embroidery thread. It is perfect for attaching sequins, producing the finest detailed letters and intricate filigree embroideries. Due to its resistance to Chlorine*, POLYNEON is the ideal embroidery thread for denim-wash items, those with frequent staining or requiring frequent or heavy duty washing/laundering.

Recommended for sportswear, swimwear, children's wear and workwear; particularly hotel, catering and food trade items.

*Recommendations for chlorine treatment: max. 20g/l active chlorine. Temperature: max 30°C (86°F), Time of treatment: max. 30 minutes.

  • Bleach, chlorine & denim wash resistant

  • Ideal for workwear & frequent laundering

  • 433 stunning colours

  • Available in flame retardant thread

  • Pantone® matching

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Polyneon 40 5000m Grey 1840