[SUBU4013] Chromaluxe Aluminium Matte Clear 279 x 356mm
[HOU-N865] NOMEX CANVAS Slide865

Chromaluxe Aluminium Matte Clear 203 x 254mm


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Chromaluxe Photo Panels

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ChromaLuxe HD metal photo panels are available in a range of traditional photo sizes. Infusing the dyes directly into the specially coated metal panels, makes your photos extremely durable with exceptional detail and resolution.

ChromaLuxe metal prints have gone through extensive fade resistance testing to compare it to the three leading archival photo papers in the market. Independent laboratory testing has demonstrated ChromaLuxe to last significantly longer than the three longest lasting photo papers! Feel confident your ChromaLuxe metal prints will last for generations!

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Chromaluxe Aluminium Matte Clear 203 x 254mm